Our picturesque cacao farm is located in a narrow valley in the San Martín Department of the upper Peruvian Amazon. The valley follows the Huallaga river between peaks of over a thousand metres that guard over our cacao speckled hills. Spread over 16 hectares, we have a plantation of cacao trees planted in an agroforestry system of native trees and other edibles such as the banana palm and majambo, a cousin of the cacao. Part of our vision is to protect the environment, including the forest and the animals living in it. At our farm you can also find an area we reforested with native trees.



We work with several cacao farmers within the Chazuta valley, spending time with them to explain our delicate requirements and supporting them to produce quality beans at greater yields which we buy directly for higher than standard prices. Our farmers are invited to seed analysis and flavour profile testing to ensure we continue to receive only the best quality beans.



One hour from Tarapoto, Chazuta is situated on the Huallaga River and nestled between dramatic mountain ranges on both sides that loom over the upper Amazon village. Cacao is an important part of life here, many residents are organic cacao farmers and cacao is celebrated here in our annual festival. Chazuta is also known for its shamans, as a place of mystical healing and today there are still many natural healers to be found. Fine ceramics, indigenous communities and delicious chocolate bring a steady stream of tourism.